The adventures of Meg & Mels

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I’m going to keep this blog for a little while longer just so I can save all the pictures. Because unfortunately, Mello died last night and if I’m honest, part of me has died too. My poor little boy had a tumour and there really wasn’t anything anyone could do. I’m just glad he’s no longer in any pain.
So thanks to everyone who’s stuck with us this long and to all the reblogs and likes we’ve had. I really appreciate everything.

Snuggles after bath.
We’ve both got cold and both trying to share the same pillow. She obviously won.
It’s cute because its cute. I don’t need a reason.
He likes to hide under soft things.
I was just listening to music when she jumped off my bed and dived underneath it. 
I don’t know if she’s hiding or she was chasing a spider. 

I hope to god it wasn’t a spider. 

I don’t wanna sit on my floor now. 

I fucking hate spiders.
I swear she gets cuter with age.
Another bath time over. It’s so warm in the UK right now I’ve got a feeling he’ll have a lot more baths this week.
We’re both snuggled on the floor nice and warm. I do have a bed it’s just the floor is just as comfy and there’s more room for both of us. Meg has really long legs and  they always end up digging into the side of me.
He’s just had a bath outside and now chilling in his towel. He loves the sun.